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New logo

New logo
POSEIDON ATHENS splendidly combines the amenities of a city hotel, along with the idyllic location by the sea. Its identity is interweaved with the aquatic element and the natural flow of the waves. So how could this not be reflected our new logo, which marks the successful completion of the hotel’s renovation and the beginning of a new, modern era?

The energy of the water is what defines us, inspires us and helps us evolve. In absolute balance with the environment, the hotel’s architecture exudes a sense of genuine luxury.  Everything has been designed in a way that highlights the beauty of nature, while the Greek element is omnipresent.

Clear, fine lines in decoration, copious sunlight and modern amenities. These elements ensure a unique accommodation experience, while at the same time welcoming those who seek a refreshing oasis of relaxation at the Athenian Riviera. And since images speak much louder than words, we invite you on a VR360 Virtual Tour to immerse in the dream.

At POSEIDON ATHENS we turn over a new leaf, with respect to our long-lasting history over the years. We are looking forward to welcoming you, shaping the future of Greek hospitality together!
Poseidon Athens Hotel
72 Posidonos Avenue
17562 Paleo Faliro
Athens / Greece

Tel.: +30 210 98 72 000
Fax: +30 210 98 29 217
E-mail: info@poseidonhotel.com.gr

ΜΗΤΕ: 0261Κ013Α0051000
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