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New Year´s Eve
New Year´s Eve
When the idyllic atmosphere with the best views of the Saronic Gulf meets the gastro-creations of the chef compose the ideal place to spend the last hours of 2017 and early 2018.
Sunday 31/12/17 21:00 | 65€ per person

Kir Royal for welcome with variety of appetizers
Smoked salmon balik over tender vegetables and cream cheese
Bocconcini di mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil pesto
Baby potatoes filled with cheese mousse and brik
Tortilla chips with shrimps and guacamole
Mini tarts with caramelized pear, Roquefort and caviar
Sweet pumpkin velouté with ginger and prosciutto chips
Florentine salad with spinach, grilled mushrooms, anthotiro and honey vinaigrette
Green salad with rocket and roasted talagani accompanied of citrus dressing 
Fattoush traditional Lebanese salad with tomato - cucumber dices, radish and roasted Arabian bread 
Niçoise salad with yellow fin tuna, Peruvian potatoes and crunchy vegetables
Endless variety of vegetables with beet root, lollo rosso, radish, apple, cranberries and raspberry vinaigrette
Multi-color cabbages with pomegranate pearls, gratinated almond in tender Roquefort sauce
Cold Selections
Platter of Greek and European cheeses with bread products and dried fruits
Poached salmon with mayonnaise sauce, Dijon mustard and flower honey
Main Dishes Proposals
Grilled swordfish fillet with white wine sauce, caper, carob syrup and olives
Turkey roll filled with minced meat, chestnuts and Greek gruyere in gooseberry sauce
Lamb milk chops in villeroy sauce with fresh thyme and lime
Marinated veal entrecote in dark beer with porcini and chocolate sauce with orange notes
Braised wild boar in sweet wine and salmi sauce with figs and apricots
Side Dishes
Risotto with shrimps marinated in ouzo, feta cheese and tomatoes confit
Potatoes chateaux with carrots vichy and roasted asparagus in red wine sauce
Eggplants siciliennes in tomato sauce with basil and mozzarella
Steamed vegetable papardelle with fresh butter, rosemary and roasted challoumi flakes 
Quiche with bacon, parmesan cream and emmental cheese
Pork leg slowly roasted with orange chutney and spicy apple sauce glaze
Mont Blanc
Apple strudel with Madagascar vanilla sauce
Black forest cake
Bouche de noel
Greek traditional sweet bites: Kourabiedes, Melomakarona, Vasilopita

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After New Years Eve, relax in the renewed Poseidon Hall, enjoying the most lavish buffet.

Monday 01/01/2017 07:00-13:00 | 20€ per person
Kir Royal for welcome
Selection of hot beverages (Tea - Coffee - Chocolate)
Orange, grape fruit juice
Variety of bakery, cereals and freshly baked croissants
Cold Buffet
Spinach-rocket salad with pomegranate pearls, walnuts and honey-vinaigrette sauce
Caprese salad
Greek salad with fresh extra virgin olive oil and Cretan barley bites
Variety of Greek and International cheeses
Variety of Greek and European cold cuts
Plain Greek yogurt and yogurt with strawberry taste
Freshly cut seasonal fruits
Thessaly’s corner
Plastos, corn pie with greens and feta cheese
Batzina with sweet pumpkin and fresh, soft cheese of Karditsa
Sweet milk pie with country leaf, fresh butter and semolina
Mini apple pies with Zagora’s apples
Burley rusk of Meteora 
Hot Buffet
Omelet of your choice prepared by our chef
Pancakes prepared by our chef assorted with hazelnut praline
Fried, boiled eggs, Strapatsada (scrambled eggs) with fresh tomato 
Traditional homemade cheese pie, spinach pie
Steamed buttered vegetables
Traditional spetzofai of Pelion
Roasted crispy bacon
Mushrooms with truffle oil and balsamic vinegar
Baby potatoes with thyme and orange 
Rice with shrimps flavored with fennel
Sweet pumpkin velouté soup with crunchy croutons
Traditional homemade Greek desserts
Traditional vasilopita cake, melomakarona, kourabiedes 
Walnut pie with chocolate, revani with mastic
Traditional “chalvas” of Farsala
Traditional “rysogalo”, Crème caramel
Chocolate bouche de noel, Chocolate cake
Lemon cake, Muffins with banana and chocolate
Strudel with caramelized apples and raisins

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