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If you want a hotel near sports facilities and courts, the Athens Poseidon Hotel is your only choice.

Olympic Stadium Tae Kwon Do and Handball

The Faliro Olympic Indoor Hall, next to the tram stop “Faliro Delta” was built for the needs of Olympic Games of Athens 2004 and hosted racing sports Taekwondo and handball. It is a modern fitness center that can accommodate up to 4,000 enthusiastic spectators. The oval shape of the steel roof makes it look to the Stadium of Peace and Friendship in Faliro bay for it and has been characterized as small SEF. The unique peculiarities add one more: the site of the stadium and arena is variable, depending on the event hosting.

Municipal Athletic Center P. Faliro

The main complex of the Municipal Sports Center consists of two sections of sports facilities.
RESTEIO, It includes: A large swimming pool dimensions 33,00×25,00×2,00, serving water polo, of competitive swimming and free adult swim programs, training disabled people and healing injuries. A small swimming pool dimensions 12,00×8,00×0,70, for bathing learning and implementing the fitness program (Acqua Aerobic). A spa (Sauna – Jacuzzi) to use athletes and members of the ISC for relaxation, recuperation and physical education. A fitness room for carrying out mass sports programs and the training of athletes. Baths – changing rooms, men and women athletes and exercisers.
IOANNIS CHRISAFIS, It includes: An arena for the sports of athletics and fitness programs. A football stadium exclusively for football academies and the public. A volleyball court to the public Three tennis courts for the public and the academies of clubs. Two basketball courts to the public. A gym with equipment for athletes and athletes. Baths – changing rooms, men – women athletes and exercisers.

Olympic Stadium Beach Volley

The Olympic Beach Volley Center is newly built manufacturing capacity of 9,600 spectators in an area of 123,000 square meters. The exciting sport became a dominant spectacle in the warm and sandy environment of the Faliro Coastal Zone from August 2, 2004 where the official inauguration took place.

Karaiskaki Stadium

The stage “Georgios Karaiskakis” is a new, modern football stadium. The name was given in honor of Commander Georgios Karaiskakis (1782-1827), who was killed in Neo Faliro, near the site of the current stadium, during the Revolution of 1821. It is the seat of the Olympic, National Piraeus (the group has the right of use but uses the stadium in Greek), Atromitos Piraeus if struggling to professional categories and the National football team. Previously used it and Progressive as headquarters. Located in Piraeus (at Neo Faliro) and is 2 km from the city center, 10 km from Athens and 32 km.
From the airport Eleftherios Venizelos. The stadium is owned by the Greek Olympic Committee (retaining ownership), but its use was granted in 2003 by the General Secretariat of Sports amateur Olympic S.F.P. for 49 years. In the Karaiskaki stadium was constructed originally as “Velodrome”, in 1895 for the first modern Olympic Games next year. In 1964 it was reconstructed and renamed stage “Georgios Karaiskakis». The opening of the stadium took place on March 11, 1964 the cost was 20,000,000 drachmas. The new Karaiskaki stadium, constructed in 2003-2004 in record time (14 months) and the project was delivered in June 2004. It was used during the Olympic Games in Athens, as held games football tournaments.

Peace and Friendship Stadium

The Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF or as it is also known by the initials of his name) is closed land owned by the Greek State. Located on the Faliro Piraeus, opposite the Karaiskakis Stadium. It seats 12,940 spectators and is 10 km from the center of Athens. It is the seat of basketball team Olympiakos.
The SEF was built in 1985. It is the most multi-functional closed stadium in Greece, since apart from basketball can also host track events, volleyball, gymnastics, skating, super-cross and other sports, as well as various events such as concerts, conferences and reports. In 1991 he received the Gold Award in the international contest organized by the IAKS (International Working Group for the Construction of Sports and Leisure Facilities), for functionality and quality. In 2004 rebuilt to host the games volleyball Olympic Games in Athens.

Municipal Sports Center of Alimos

The sports center has two heated pools. One Olympic size, fifty meters, (50m. X 25m.) With eight tracks and other learning (10m. X 12,5m.) Which is covered. They have hosted many international competitions and is characterized by the most modern of the basin, but also nationwide.
It is the physical location of the Nautical Club of Kalamaki (N.O.K.) who among other things has a swimming race portion and learning as well as parts water polo men, teenagers and children.

Municipal Sports and Leisure Park of Kallithea

The Municipal Sports and Leisure Park was built with the highest quality, technology and environmental standards and includes: • uncovered Swimming pool with Olympic dimensions (25mX50m), paddling pool (6mX12m) and building changing rooms. • Aspect Football Golf 51mX88m and building changing rooms. • Building cafeteria and multipurpose room. • Playground area of 1,000 sq.m. • Walking Trail shuttle 654 meters and width of 2.5 meters (around the area of the football field and the swimming pool). • Outdoor car park. • Green area.
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