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Breakfast In Hotels In Athens Greece

Recently many hotels in Greece and many hotels in Athens Greece especially have changed their policy regarding the offered breakfast in terms of quality and quantity and the have introduced to their breakfast menu traditional delicious and unique Greek recipes.

This is an initiative started in 2010 by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. You can have a look with the philosophy of the program and the presentation of the idea in its website to the link below: http://www.greekbreakfast.gr

Philosophy of the program “Greek Breakfast”

The Greek Breakfast is an initiative taken by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels which utilizes and connects the cultural – gastronomic wealth of the country with the Greek hotel business. It is a program designed by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels which has been in operation since 2010 and whose aim is to enrich the breakfast offered in Greek hotels with pure and unique Greek products as well as with traditional local dishes from every region of Greece.

The aim of the “Greek Breakfast” program is to give Greek hotel guests the chance to know the gastronomic wealth of our country and taste at breakfast the innumerable Greek products and dishes which are at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet. The Mediterranean Diet is not just a modern dietary trend but is according to UNESCO the “intangible cultural heritage of mankind”. 

The main products of the Mediterranean diet such as the bread, the rusks, the olive oil, the olives, the yoghurt, the honey, the cheese products, the cured meats, the fresh vegetables, the legumes, the pies, the sweets and the fresh fruit form the basis of Greek breakfast.  

Each part of Greece, depending on the climatic conditions, the soil, the produced products and the cultural relations and exchanges, has formed a particular gastronomic culture and local cuisines. Although the foundation of gastronomy is common, each region has its own gastronomic treasures and so the characteristics of the Cretan cuisine for example differ from those of Macedonia, of Epirus, of the Peloponnese, of the Aegean islands etc……read more….  http://www.greekbreakfast.gr/en/project

Hellenic Chamber Of Hotels Greek Breakfast Logo award

Breakfast In Hotels In Athens Greece 2

In fact, many hotels in Athens Greece offer excellent and rich breakfast to their customers. The impression of visitors and guests is really positive according to their comments. They get to know better the contemporary Hellenic cuisine. The wide use of virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables and herbs, grains and bread, are some of the characteristic Greek breakfast items. A variety of olives, cheeses including Feta cheese, aubergines, courgettes and genuine plain Greek Yogurt compliment the menu. Greek desserts are not missing too, with dominant use of walnuts, nuts and honey. Many dishes are made by homemade Filo pastry, like homemade spinach, leek or cheese pie.

Many hotels in Athens Greece offer breakfast also for not guests but to locals and tourists, especially in the city centre where the core of business is located.  So don’t miss the opportunity to try authentic Greek Breakfast recipes by choosing for your stay a hotel which is certified by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels to offer Greek Breakfast, or just walk in a hotel breakfast restaurant to try it!!!

Photos below are taken from Athens Poseidon Hotel

Breakfast In Hotels In Athens Greece 3
Homemade Walnut Pie with Citrus Fruits flavour  
Breakfast In Hotels In Athens Greece 4
Traditional Cretan Sun dried Bread Dakos Bites. 
Breakfast In Hotels In Athens Greece 5
Caper, Spring Onions Rings, Kalamon Brown Olives and fresh Parley flakes
Breakfast In Hotels In Athens Greece 6
Fresh Vegetables Sticks with a yogurt based dip for raw eaters
Breakfast In Hotels In Athens Greece 7
Fresh Fruits corner
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